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Published on September 24th, 2014


Announcing Our Second Round of Speakers!

One of the things that we love about TED and TEDx events is the incredible number of disciplines and wide range of subject matter that is represented on stage.  In working with our speakers we have the privilege of learning about areas of work and study which we often knew nothing about previously – and that’s exciting! This year’s group of speakers is no exception and truly represents the multi-disciplinary nature of TEDx – giving our audience insight into a mind-stimulating number of topics and ideas worth spreading!

We are pleased to announce the second round of speakers for TEDxRenfrewCollingwood 2014:

Christine Germano – Photographer and educator collaborating with Indigenous youth to illustrate the social and ethical impact of climate change;

Clint Hall – User interface engineer working to improve lives, relationships and perceptions through technology;

Clint Landrock – Nanotechnologist who believes that nature can and should be a central source of innovation;

Melanie Knight – Marine biologist at the forefront of a new kind of ocean education;

Steve HallamMicrobiologist looking at “land ethics” through the lens of microbial ecology.

A reminder to all that ticket sales remain open only until October 10th – we’d recommend getting them sooner than later to avoid missing out!

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