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Published on October 2nd, 2014


CLARA ROSE – Fiddler

Clara Rose has been making music her whole life – from childhood livingroom concerts to orchestral and choral performances for thousands of people.  Clara began composing for violin at age 10, drawing inspiration from the vivid landscape of British Columbia and her friends and family in Vancouver.  Clara’s music ranges from funky fiddle grooves to pensive looping melodies and floating vocals.

Clara completed a solo tour of Montreal and Ottawa in 2013, and toured Ontario and B.C. with The Twisted String from 2008-2014.  She performs in various festivals around Vancouver,  including Renfrew/Collingwood’s own Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival and Collingwood Days. Clara Rose has become one of Vancouver’s distinguished young musicians and performers.  Exploring new ground while staying connected to classical, jazz and Celtic roots, her music has a flare of variety and youthful enthusiasm that will bring a smile to your face.

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